For La Senda Verde, the help of Volunteers is extremely valuable to keep it running at an optimal level. Whether you can stay 2 weeks or 2 months, you will be welcomed. This is a fantastic opportunity to make friends from all over the world and from all walks of life!

It is always a bonus for the refuge if you have any specific skills to offer in the field of Veterinary, IT, Carpentry or any other area you think may be applicable.


Experience taking care of our more than 800 animals of more than 65 species. This programs allows you the full experience at LSV. 

Minnimum Stay: 2 weeks.

Care Bear Program

After learning how to take care of all the animals at LSV, focus your time in taking care of our three Andean Spectacled Bears. 

Minimum Stay: 2 months

Ambassador Program

Have you already volunteered at LSV? Do you miss the monkeys? Become an LSV ambassador and take the next step in providing for the animals!

LSV Media Producer

Are you a media producer, or would like to be one? We need your help! Gain experience with us, get your name known and help the animals!
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