is a badge that you earn after volunteering at LSV

LSV MEDIA PRODUCER is a badge that you earn after volunteering at LSV. It is a great way to develop your media producing skills whilst supporting a phenomenal cause. Volunteers that sign up to earn this badge will have the same responsibilities as the others caretaking for the animals on a rotational or care bear program. This means you will have the opportunity to interact with the animals like in the other programs.

The media production is considered an extra contribution the volunteer gives to the animals and for this they are rewarded the merit badge. Being part of the program requires you to coordinate online with LSV Media staff previously to your visit to assign and elaborate projects together. It also requires time after your visit to work on post-production and uploading the produced media, and if you wish, continue volunteering as an ambassador producer and staying in touch with LSV from abroad.

The rewards of earning the badge are:
  • Helping the animals even further, their videos and photos are crucial to raise more funds for them.
  • You get to stay involved with the animals after leaving LSV.
  • You are specially featured in our website, with a profile page dedicated to you.
  • Your content carries your name, we give you exposure.
LSV Media Producers are required to:
  • Have their own media producing equipment, i.g. camera phone.
  • Be able to record, edit, present and produce their own videos.
  • Sign up to the program with enough time in advance.
  • No special experience is required.