Protection of existing nature is just not enough. There is a greater need to drive forward and scale up practical actions to save wildlife, ourselves.

Generate Ideologies and Social Actions

Join us changing people’s hearts and minds, and contributing to wildlife conservation through application of knowledge, education and technical skills. Together we can meet the challenge, and find solutions.

Inspiring people

Experiencing the magic of wild nature bonds people with our living planet, improving wellbeing and strength. This builds a common sense of humanity and pride.

Benefiting communities

People are key and thus we work toward situations where local people can boost their economies, flourish and earn a fair living from nature based activities.

Providing hope and purpose

LSV generates visions of a better future for people and nature that inspire and empower, by encouraging positive attitudes, practical action and collaboration.

Achieve a Sustainable Transformation of the World

LSV is a space where nature, wild animals (rescued and non-rescued), and people thrive in harmony. Get involved, you can be part of it.

Bringing back wildlife

We have taken a progressive approach to conservation within our property and surrounding areas, letting natural processes to enhance and reshape our land, restore degraded old agricultural landscapes, and repair damaged drivers. Through rewilding, nature’s own ways have created richer, and diverse biodiversity.

Providing for the future

We support nature driven processes. The aim is protect areas letting nature take care of itself.
Naturally functioning ecosystems are better at providing us with clean air and water

Ensuring wellbeing

When nature is healthy, we are healthier too. At LSV we try to link both rural an urban people with
wilder nature. We invite everybody to embrace nature as an ally.

Senda Verde invites everyone to do the essential actions of becoming enchanted with the natural world and truly contribute for a finer future, with fairness, dignity and respect for humans and nature.


Want to come work with us in protecting rescued wild animals?


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Senda Verde is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible


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We are building two big domes to house different species of tropical native butterflies, whose natural habitat is under threat. The Bolivian Yungas is home to over 2,000 butterfly species, one of the highest concentrations in the world. It will be the first butterfly...

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With so many animals LSV needs to expand, more adjacent land becomes fundamental. Forest conservation and CO2 compensation will also be gained. The big challenge is to buy contiguous land to our property to: a) extend areas for rescued animals and b) preserve such...

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At LSV, we feel that we have a moral obligation to contribute to the conservation of habitats and biodiversity in the interests of society and animals themselves. As part of our holistic approach towards conservation we preserve the forest and existing wild animals...

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Together we can
create a wilder world, providing benefits that we can
all share! Let’s be optimistic!