The Kantutani Foundation as a social arm of the Kantutani Business Group, was created by the Architect Luis Iturralde Moreno in 2012 as a private non-profit institution, aimed at meeting the needs of low-income people, with the main objective of contributing to the comprehensive development of Bolivians living in areas and regions considered in relative and extreme poverty at rural and urban levels; Under this guideline, different Corporate Social Responsibility programs have been incorporated with great success, helping to improve the quality of life of different sectors of the population.

Help done

Fundacion Kantutani has being helping Senda verde development since 2013 mainly through the construction of several projects regarding animals and caretaker’s safety such as hundreds of meters of tunnels that connect all the installations, both aviaries to protects birds from poachers, bears protection enclosures and jaguars protection enclosures and Fundacion Kantutani also makes monthly donations for the animals care.



Fundación Kantutani (Bolivia), is a nonprofit institution with true social responsibility programs a iniciativas aimed to assist different community and environmental cases. Fundación kantutani is our main sponsor and they have enormously supported us for many years with constant donations and funding big projects, ensuring welfare and security to all the animals residing in the sanctuary, for which we are proud to call them part of our family.

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