Sex: Male

Year Born: 2019

Year arrive at SV: 2020

Likes: To play and jump

Scientific name: Aluata sara

Common name: Howler monkey


Sexo: Male

Año de nacimiento: 2019

Año que llegó a SV: 2020

Le gusta: To play and jump

Nombre científico: Aluata sara

Nombre común: Howler monkey


Ciclón is a juvenile monkey and part of the 24 howler monkeys that reside in Senda Verde. He arrived very depressed, weak and distrustful. He lost half his tail when he was caught in the wild and that situation caused him a great emotional and physical trauma.

Happily he has had an excellent rehabilitation and is now a friendly and very playful monkey. Ciclón has been perfectly integrated into a howler troop composed of another male and two females.



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