Sex: Male

Year Born: 2011

Year arrive at SV: 2016

Likes: Walking around his pool and resting at his hammock.

Scientific name: Tremarctos ornatus

Common name: Andean Bear


Sexo: Male

Año de nacimiento: 2011

Año que llegó a SV: 2016

Le gusta: Walking around his pool and resting at his hammock.

Nombre científico: Tremarctos ornatus

Nombre común: Andean Bear


At four (4) years old, he was brutally wounded by people in a rural community in Cochabamba. In the intent of killing him, they threw rocks at his face. His head, nose and jaws were severely fractured, and both eyes affected. Ajayu is blind. He underwent shocking physical and emotional trauma. After 12 months of convalescence and rigorous rehabilitation, and by virtue of compassionate commitment and careful monitoring, Ajayu regained confidence, trust and hope. Today, despite his impaired vision, he is a very affectionate, strong, and happy magnificent bear!



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