“The story of Senda Verde is a celebration to the diversity of life. Our dream is a world where wildlife and humans flourish together.”

 Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy

Founders of Senda Verde



Senda Verde was established in 2003 in the subtropical region east side of the Bolivian Andes in South America. Concerned about the urgent need to do something meaningful in favor of the natural world, Vicky and Marcelo decided to take hands-on action. They decided to devote their energy, effort and work to that noble and inspiring task.


Senda Verde exists to save and shelter animals rescued from illegal trafficking and destruction of habitats, and inspire people to value nature.

The planet, our only home is under assault like never before. Humans are speeding extinction and altering the Natural World at an “unprecedented pace. Wild animals are innocent victims of cruelty and suffering. Only one out of ten that are taken from their habitat survives.


Guided by a purpose to create a healthier planet, our vision is a world richer in nature where wildlife thrives.

The world’s nature and wildlife are facing unprecedented threats. Protecting wildlife is vital for the present as well as future generations. We make every effort to move people to action and play a bigger role in the future.

The founders

Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy co-founded Senda Verde (SV) in 2003. They dedicate their energy and drive to save wildlife.

Vicky Ossio guides hands on practical work and oversees the day-to-day operations of SV. She is also an active member of The Life Raft Group, a cancer research, fundraising and patient care not-for-profit organization.

Marcelo Levy coordinates animal welfare procedures and takes care of baby monkeys who need constant supervision and companionship to survive. Prior to founding SV, Marcelo was an on field Coordinator for an international aid project contractor, overseeing a number of projects, including eco-tourism planning, alternative resourcing, and counseling farmers about sustainable and environmental friendly practices. He continues giving guidance to local people and nearby communities.

Both are impassioned wildlife stewardesses that have always loved and cared about animals and nature. They are truly compassionate, devoted, and proactive activists whose main interest is the well-being of animals. They respect all living beings and think that animals have rich personal lives and can help us learn about our place in this complex and inspiring world. Committed to conservation, animal welfare and education, Vicky and Marcelo dedicate their lives to the animals that arrive at the refuge, loving and caring them.

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